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For Current, Active & Non-Active Athletic Administrators

  • Dual Membership
    $135 Yearly
    • Includes both OIAAA and NIAAA membership

  • Administrator Membership
    $350 Yearly
    • Includes OIAAA, NIAAA & OASSA membership for qualified administrators

For Retired Athletic Administrators only

  • NEW for Students and other Affiliated Members
    $20 Yearly
    • Includes OIAAA and NIAAA for college students
  • Retired Dual Membership

    $50 Yearly
    • Includes both OIAAA and NIAAA membership - for retired athletic administrators only
  • Retired Lifetime OIAAA Membership
    $200 Lifetime
    • Includes OIAAA lifetime membership for retired athletic administrators only
  • Retired Lifetime Dual Membership
    $400 Lifetime
    • Includes OIAAA and NIAAA membership for retired athletic administrators only





The OIAAA was founded in 1956 by several Ohio high school athletic administrators. The first president of the OIAAA was Bill King.   The OIAAA Executive Board has four voting officers (Past-President, President, President-elect and Secretary), two non-voting officers (Treasurer and Executive Director), six voting representatives (one from each of the six Ohio districts) and several non-voting committee chairs. Officers and District Representatives serve two year terms with a designated rotation of officers from among the six districts.

The annual state conference is held in mid-November and draws approximately 80 vendors with an average of 350+ conference attendees. Additionally, the OIAAA provides Leadership Training Courses to membership at several District events and the state conference during the school year as well as a Summer Institute. The OIAAA works closely with the Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA) on numerous projects throughout the year and assists in the coordination of delivering the required Coach Education course (“Fundamentals of Coaching”) to over 45,000 Ohio interscholastic coaches.

The OIAAA Strategic Plan was recently updated (November of 2011) with a new, focused mission statement of the organization: “The OIAAA advocates for our members by promoting the education values of interscholastic athletics and providing high-quality services for our stakeholders.”